Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Child Beauty Pageants

The world stood in a state of shock. The death news of a half dozen year recent Colorado girl, who participated in a kid beauty pageant was flashed on each news channel. The death of JonBenét led to harsh criticism of kid beauty pageants. From folks, to the media, everyone were seen taking part in the blame game. The episode has brought out the nice, the unhealthy and the ugly face of kid beauty pageants. Nevertheless, the question still remains, who is to be blamed? the parents for letting their youngsters divert into the world of fashion at a very tender age, the media for creating a hype about such beauty pageants or the organizers for tapping the potential market in kid modeling.
The concept of beauty pageants started approach back in the Nineteen Twenties to boost the tourism sector. the primary kid beauty pageants in the us started in the 1960's. Today, the beauty pageants have conveniently seduced the very essence of beauty, confidence and poise to realize its position in the world of fashion. the beauty pageants for children are judged on how well they show the various clothes line, how well they dance and the way proficient they're. 

Are the youngsters geared up to match the standards that almost all beauty pageants outline? Are kid beauty pageants harmful? let us have a look at child beauty pageants execs and cons.

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